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The influence of this eclipse is going to last until the next solar eclipse in August of this year, so tap into those energies and use them wisely! Any eclipse is a harbinger of change. A change can be a beginning or an ending—which are often the same thing because something has to end in order for something else to begin! During an eclipse, these changes are sudden and unpredictable. Eclipses that happen at a critical degree in your chart more will affect you more strongly than something that is weak or unaspected.

The main planetary activity to watch for will concern aspects made to the Sun, Moon, and your ascendant sign. Eclipses seem to make things larger or more important, somehow. The loss of a job could lead to a better position, for example, or a traumatic relationship breakup could open the door for you to meet someone even more wonderful. Keep yourself open to the infinite—and if you want to get a look at the potential this eclipse has to impact your life, look back a couple of decades, and see how your life was unfolding.

Eclipses tend to run in 19 year cycles, and even though the other transiting planets will be in different positions and bring different energies around the eclipse, you can still get a good idea of how this eclipse is going to affect you by looking over your shoulder to the events in your life 19 years ago.

Obviously, the Moon and the Sun are important, as they cause the eclipse! New Moons —which happen approximately every 29 days—always indicate the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

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This goes hand in hand with the changes that the eclipse brings. This is all happening in Pisces, which is a very nebulous sign, one that is full of fantasy, creativity, illusion, romance, and wonder. It could take you awhile to make sense of things, particularly if this is at a critical angle in your natal chart.

Feb 26: Solar Eclipse Of The Yogi – The Night Of Shiva – Vedic Astrology

It is an alignment that agitates social discord and demands that people get involved on a personal level, finding new information and digging deep in the search for the truth. The discord now will small price to pay for the new beginnings that the eclipse will trigger. How is all of this going to impact you? Check out the eclipse forecast for your Sun sign below to find out!

You might want to do things that you have never tried before.

New Moon Solar Eclipse February 26th 2017 The Spell is Over

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Sun enters Sagittarius

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    New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces - February 26, — Talking Sky Astrology

    Double check everything and take nothing for granted for next few weeks. There will be some disappointments in relations, finance and career planning. Politically, they will create unrest in civil life in countries where eclipse is visible even partially. Internal wars, low economy will hit these countries.