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Someone in your life, or it could be you, are about to experience a healing.

February 8 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

You have the power in yourself to help soothe the pain and disappointment that's happened. Things will work themselves out! Nurture your self. The best love comes from within. The love you seek needs you to feel complete just as much as you want to! Take care of your needs first today.

You deserve the best! You know what it is that you really, really want your love life to be.

You know what you dream your family to be. Dig into those dreams. They aren't far-fetched or some crazy pipe dream. Create the culture and home life you want. Lately, you've been putting up walls. Perhaps there's a good reason. But no one should live in an emotional prison. What do you need to do to get back to where you want to be— happy! Work with someone to get down to the heart of the matter. A trusted friend, a parent, or even your partner. If the root of your concern comes from a deep soul wounding, it's okay. Strengthen your body. Sometimes words come out and they are impossible to take back.

When people love each other, they often hurt each other without meaning to. If you've had a quarrel with a loved one, give time for forgiveness and anger to process. Release yourself from blame.

Scorpio daily finance horoscope - 12 November 12222

Make the time for an e motional clearing. Practice makes perfect, but this doesn't mean it won't be rocky or hard. Communication with others requires effort, but don't give up before it's through. You will get it right, and things will be okay. Cleanse your mind and body for deep spiritual connection in your love life. There is a light around you. Acknowledge the light in yourself, and in those around you. Love and light are one! Develop your mental clarity. Is there a question about your relationship that's on your mind?

At the start of the month that is still the case but within the first 48 hours of the month, everything changes. On 2nd November, just days before Jupiter reaches a point where he has been in your income sector for 12 months and just a day before he moves into his final month here on 3rd November, Venus returns. This has several implications, all of them exciting. The first implication is that this will bring the planets of money and luck together, just as Jupiter is about to move into this final month and is ready to bring things home.

At the same time, while Jupiter has been playing a long game, focused more on building for future growth, Venus is a planet that wants it now. Even in an ordinary year, the weeks that Venus spends here are often the most lucrative. In addition, this is not the first time that Venus and Jupiter have met up here, having come together in January.

Back then Jupiter was still in his early months and Venus was instrumental in cementing the desires and expectations that Jupiter was then able to spend months on, behind the scenes. Venus was there at the beginning and now she returns to bring things home. By the time the Sun returns on 23rd November to shine the solar spotlight on your income situation, matters and options, Venus and Jupiter will not only be in their final days but close to an auspicious alignment just two days later.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

In the meantime, an army of planets is on its way to take over from where Venus leaves off on 26th November and Jupiter a week later. This is a familiar theme at this time of year and especially in the lead up to your birthday month and new solar year. As the planets return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, whether it is the Sun to wind down your old solar year or the other planets moving through at the same time, they will clash with planets in your work sector. However, with planets literally in your work sector for decades and here for decades to come, this is a built in safety feature.

You have the Moon in your work sector from 9th November to 11th November and this might be a mixed blessing. This will give you an intuitive read on work and job matters, which in turn will make it easier to work smarter but it could also exacerbate any work tension or job pressure.

Decan 1 Scorpio Horoscope November 12222

Yet with the Sun and Mercury in your income sector at the time and the Moon moving into a friendly aspect with both as it moves through, a sense of where the money is will be another resource when it comes to working smarter. As the Moon moves through it will move into a friendly aspect to the planets in both your income and work sectors, just as Mars returns to fire up your passions and fighting spirit.

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