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Capricorn is rarely in love with in some fast and furious, in their lives generally there is a measure, reason and caution; these are the traits that prevail in their love. But, finding the right partner, they become very passionate. In their youth, up to the thirties, they are extremely faithful. Later in life, in some mature years, when they acquired and secured material goods, they began to be interested in love achievements and finding a true match for their hearts.

If they find a partner who better suits them than their spouse, they are prone to cheating, no matter how traditionalistic these people can be. Still, in most cases they are faithful. No, these are general characteristics of Capricorns; do people who are born on the last day of the year have all of these characteristics or just some of them?

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People who are born on December 31 are generous with feelings towards others, and they are those partners who have a lot to offer to their closest people, there is an entire specter of emotions that burn inside of them, but the main thing is that they rarely show sentiments in general. They are always ready to acknowledge to others that they are right and correctness of their attitudes — these people are not as stubborn as you might expect from a person who belongs to Capricorn Zodiac sign.

In interpersonal relations, they are very gentle and loyal friends and partners, but also seek a lot of love in return — just because they are cold does not mean that they do not want to be loved with a passion. And in the end, these human beings are sincere and reliable, especially in the long-term relationship or marriage, but are sure that those who are born on December 31 will do anything to satisfy their emotional needs in the first place. Some knowledgeable people say that people who are born on the last day of December are very distinctive, in the sense that they have special abilities in various fields.

These people are wise in judging and looking far ahead, and they are those who can see far in the future and make some critical decisions that will set the direction of the events that will come.

Here’s what to do if you and your date aren’t technically zodiac-compatible.

These people can find their perfect career in politics, although they can be pushed aside for more significant interest in purely intellectual and scientific matters -sometimes their goals go from one sphere to another. They might be a good chemist, electrician or scientist in general- we will remind you that all people who belong to Capricorn Zodiac sign are more turned to science than art. In business terms, all indicators indicate that they should be successful and that after a few climbs and falls they will get enough to afford a pleasant life — if they live with the best of it within them, in balance and if track their abilities, they will have a successful experience.

The symbolism of the date December 31 is hidden in number 4 — it is the number that represents the element from which you draw strength and a deep sense of reality.

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It is said that number 4 is the foundation of society with their innate sense of commitment, worthwhile work and superiority. Those who have number 4 are mostly people of the highest trust, practical, with feet firmly on the ground. Organisation and planning come with ease to these human beings; they will never leave the job incomplete. The essential qualities for this number are law and orders, calmness, stable growth, and the struggle against all kinds of restrictions.

Planetary influence comes from the double impact of the planet Saturn that is both natural ruler of all Capricorns and in charge of all number 4. It is the planet that represents the principle of consolidation, preoccupation and inactivity. In short, it is a force that attempts to form and compress the existing stuff in rigidity and thus resists any variety.

It symbolises obstacles of every sort, obstruction, weaknesses, and powerlessness. The good side of his influence is in the deep invasion with great conscious purposes and corresponds to commitment, permanence, knowledge, forswearing, purity, faith and wisdom. You may know exactly what you want, but that might not be what you need. As an earth sign, Venus in Taurus is especially centered on touch. They like to take their time settling into a relationship, as they need to be able to build up trust.

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People with their love sign in Taurus need a partner who is as dependable and loyal as they are. They require partners who are patient, sensual and ready for the long haul, as Taurus is not one for hook-ups. It can be easy to tell if someone has a Venus sign in Gemini since they are the most talkative of the signs.

They can easily talk their way into a relationship — and talk their way out, as well. The perfect relationship for this sign in Venus includes a partner who is equally dynamic and will give them space for people and activities outside of their relationship.

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They are highly attuned to feelings, so emotionally, they can be very good lovers. Any potential partner needs to be open to expressing their devotion, as people with their love sign in Cancer are afraid of being abandoned.

Love & Sex Compatibility by Chinese Astrology Zodiac Signs

They also need someone who can help them out of their isolated Cancer crab shell from time to time. A Venus sign in Leo in love can transform a person whose sun and moon signs are completely different. Love is of the utmost importance to Leos: romance is a must in their lives. Hence, they need a lot of attention—it may sound like a lot of work, but a relationship with someone whose Venus sign is in Leo can be most rewarding.

Those with Venus in Virgo may appear like low-key lovers, as they are not into showing grand gestures of love. They show their love in the most understated ways. That does not mean, however, that they love less than other signs. People with their Venus signs in Virgo tend to be the deepest, most devoted lovers. They should be supportive as well. Venus in Libra values tradition when it comes to love.

They need partners who are equally communicative and empathetic.

Pisces Compatibility

A Scorpio sun may be the most mysterious of the signs, but Venus in Scorpio is quite clear. They might be discreet in showing their initial interest, but someone with their Venus sign in Scorpio is not to be toyed with. They need the real deal. An ideal partner needs to be able to handle intensity. They should also appreciate and reciprocate the courage it takes this sign to be intimate. Loving someone with Venus in Sagittarius can be an adventure. This is reflective of the sign itself: they can be full of contradictions, but overall, a long-term relationship with this sign needs time and space to grow.

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Their partner is bound to be transformed.